Donald Duck Forever?


Disney's smart-alack, anthropomorphic, pants-less duck has appeared in over 200 feature films and film shorts. Donald Duck often appears as a drawing, but at times his presence on film is as an object, as seen here in the Ginger Rogers film, Bachelor Mother (1939). Apparently, he was a very popular must-have toy in the 1930s and 1940s.

This is such a well-loved character that -as yours truly has recently discovered- one of the Donald Duck toys is in the Crypt of Civilization.

The Crypt is a giant time capsule in Atlanta set up for the express purpose of making "an effort to preserve in a scientific manner every salient feature of present day civilization for the people of the future." Dr. Thornwell Jacobs, the 5th President of Oglethorpe University, started this project in 1937 and sealed the crypt in 1940. The vault is not to be opened until the year 8113.

Does Donald Duck represent us well to future generations in terms of iconography, child's play, beloved figures? I don't know. But he's definitely a fun, little character on or off screen.

Further Notes
  • The Crypt also houses 6 recordings featuring popular big bandleader, musician and husband to glamorous film stars, Artie Shaw.
  • Are there any movies? Yes, but they seem to be exclusively documentaries.
  • Take a gander at the Crypt's general inventory list.
  • On a similar note, a lady's apartment in Paris has been opened for the first time since she left it just before WWII. Inside are many things, including a stuffed version of Donald Duck's pal- Mickey Mouse. Read the story at the Daily Telegraph. 


  1. Fascinating selections in that crypt.

    I certainly agree that Donald Duck is a "keeper". My reasons:

  2. I adore "Bachelor Mother" and am so pleased to see Donald Duck is included in the time capsule. However, it is rather disappointing that the vault will not be open for another 6,000 years...


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