What is the Future of Movie-Viewing Devices?

Technology companies have launched prototypes of video glasses - hands-free mobile devices  for searching the internet (and watching movies) which one wears like glasses. As earbuds have done for music and the ears, this brings the entertainment directly to the eyes with fewer distractions.

People can stand up in front of you without blocking an important movie scene? That will be awesome.

It's only a matter of time before someone incorporates this into corrective lenses. One day, you will download The Karate Kid to your prescription glasses or Casablanca to your contact lenses.

I can already see Netflix and Lenscrafters making a deal -Buy one pair, get half off your purchase of the newest Jackie Chan action film, downloaded to your glasses while you wait.

It's not too far into the future.

In what direction do you see movie-watching devices going? Is this a good thing or not? How will this change our movie-watching experience?


  1. I'll say this much: it won't improve the "cuddling on the couch while watching a movie" experience :p


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