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"Sometimes I don't think we appreciate the miracle of a phonograph - the privilege of having men of genius perform for us at our command...." - George in A Letter to Three Wives (1949)

Yours truly was just watching Mary Martin and Ethel Merman -two ladies of genius- performing for the Ford 50th Anniversary Show in 1953. They sing popular songs from the late 19th century/early 20th century, songs that people had heard dozens of times, had read from sheet music, listened to on a record or had heard their relatives humming while puttering around the house.

They reminisce about the 1900s by physically getting up, singing and putting on a show. Here I am sixty years later reminiscing about the 1950s by clicking a digital file. Today we can connect with people of the past in ways unfathomable until fairly recently.

Someone can describe for me a performance from sixty years ago, but I can also watch it myself.

That's. Just. Awesome.


  1. Truly awesome indeed, Listening to a record I can close my eyes and picture the way Merman would gesture and emote, but nothing quite tops seeing a perfect MGM performance in technicolor or Black and White, etched in celluloid for all time.

  2. Great post. Whatever happend to the tv musical "spectacular" and the "medley dress"?

    We're fortunate that some of it has been preserved, and how miraculous that we can summon the performance instantly with a click.

  3. Yes, indeed! On a similar note, I've always thought the stage should release more of its filmed performances to the general public. I was taken by Megan Follows' performance as Juliet in the CBC production of Romeo and Juliet from the early 1990s - a performance I never would have seen had it not been released for purchase.

    We now have just over 100 years of filmed history. What will it be like when more of human history is filmed? People will be able to see their great-great-great-great-etc. grandparents moving about and speaking. That will be awesome!

    Thanks for dropping by Mick and Jacqueline.

  4. You're right - that really is awesome. I love that a person can be an eyewitness to history in this way.

  5. Great thought! I love how film and technology keep history "present" for us!

  6. It is awesome. We have performances of the ages at our whim.


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