TCM's 2013 Film Festival

April 25–28, 2013 Turner Classic Movies will once again delight us with their annual film festival.

 Held over four days in the heart of Hollywood, the TCM Classic Film Festival is a place where movie lovers from around the world can gather to experience classic movies as they were meant to be experienced: on the big screen, in some of the world’s most iconic venues, with the people who made them.  - TCM Film Festival

Films scheduled to be shown include Funny Girl, The Great Escape, Giant and The General.


  1. Sigh! This looks like so much fun...but it's not in the cards for next year. Will you be attending?

  2. I can't make it. But I'm making plans for film festivals in 2014, including the TCM cruise, if they have it.

  3. I am looking into going in 2014 too-do you think its best to join a forum on TCM in order to know the dates of the events asap? Love your blog btw! xox Bunny

  4. Bunny,
    Since creating an account with many years ago, I get the TCM Email Newsletter which is how I heard of this April event last November and posted this information back then.

    Here's a link to TCM's FAQ "How do I get the latest Festival information?"

    They suggest

    1. Keep checking to get all the latest announcements.
    2. Make sure to sign up for the TCM email newsletter for updates, last-minute additions, daily wrap-ups, and more.
    3. Follow TCM on Twitter.
    4. Become a fan of TCM on Facebook.
    5. Become a member of the TCM Classic Film Union.

    It is not necessary to do all of these; I get all TCM announcements -including Festival information - through their email newsletter. I am not a member of a TCM forum, so I cannot tell you whether you'll get news from them faster than in any other way. TCM seems to announce their news to all their outlets simultaneously.

    Welcome to Java's Journey!

    - JAVA


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