Saying Hello to an Old Friend

Isn't it great to be on a road trip and unexpectedly bump into an old friend? That's what happened to Java today. As we perused the big box, general goods store in this town, I ran into Edward Everett Horton. Or rather his image on a package.

He is pictured holding a shoe and a cloth on a packet of on-the-go shoe shine materials. I was so stunned and pleased that I quickly snapped a picture on my phone.

The Decent Man's Grooming Tools collection is a part of the Hollywood Fashion Secrets Company. The copy reads"Shoe Shine Wipes: Because Men Love Their Shoes."

I absolutely love this concept! I love this new fad for selling products to guys with images of well-dressed men from the past. (The Art of Manliness Webzine comes to mind.) Whether or not we at the Classic Movie Blog Association have influenced this new marketing ploy, I hope this trend stays around for a very long time. I love the packaging.

[By the way, my eyes are not deceiving me, are they? That is Edward Everett Horton, is it not? Being on the road, I might be going through classic movie withdrawal symptoms. Somebody get me 300 ccs of intravenous Turner Classic Movies! Stat! ]


  1. Gasp! It IS Edward Everett Horton! I love this marketing concept.

    Also, I loved this line from your post: Somebody get me 300 ccs of intravenous Turner Classic Movies! Stat!


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