Gene Kelly, Attorney at Law?

While Cary Grant was doing wrong to Mae West, while Katharine Hepburn frolicked about with Paul Lukas and while a giant latex gorilla stormed the Empire State Building,  21 year old Gene Kelly -  the future cinematic legend - was far away from Tinseltown, entering the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, according to the book Ex-Lawyer.


Kelly discovered within the first semester of  law school that being an attorney was not as he had imagined. According to a 1994 interview with Graham Fuller, Kelly notes,
 “Then I went into law school. I was there a month and I realized that it wasn't about being Clarence Darrow, so I quit that and continued to teach dance for another five, six years. ”

From there the dancer lit up Broadway with his singular talents, then Hollywood came a-knocking.

What would the world have been like had Gene Kelly decided to stick with law? I guess we would not have missed what we did not know was around. Still, you wonder...


  1. Hmmm.... i'm sure he would have found a way to tap dance around the law..


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