Debbie Reynolds: The 2nd Auction

Movie legend Debbie Reynolds is holding the second of her two-part auction on December 3, 2011. It will be in the same place as last time - the Paley Center in Beverly Hills. The pint-sized star will sell off more costumes and props from classic movie sets. This time featuring even more Marilyn Monroe costumes.

You can pre-order the second catalog here:

According to the auction house's email, the perky Ms. Reynolds will appear on Good Morning America  to announce the auction today.


  1. The "Bus Stop" and "Niagra" outfits should bring in lots of $$$. I imagine the enormous sum fetched by the "7 Yr. Itch" dress will drive up the value of those pieces. I wonder where the Jean Louis-designed white sundress decorated with red cherries is - and the dress she wore to JFK's birthday party in 1962.

  2. I am so excited for this auction! I'm hoping to have enough money to buy a tiny trinket from the auction--but seeing as even a tiny trinket is going to cost more than my rent and I'm trying to save up for the TCM Festival anyway, I have a feeling I won't be getting anything. Maybe one day when I'm rich!! ;)

  3. Lady Eve,
    I don't know about the red cherries dress, but The JFK "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" dress sold at Christie's in 1999, in their The Personal Property of Marilyn Monroe auction.

    I'm debating about going. If you do go, post something about it, please. :)



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