Movie Stars in Food Art. Bent Objects with Terry Border

This photo is too cute. It's called "Marilyn."
Terry Border,
Photographer Terry Border makes amusing scenes from wire and food.  A few of the bent objects have something to do with classic film stars, but not many. I decided to pass along the link anyway.  The artist posts at

This next photo is called " Many Passionate Fans."  This one reminded me of Gene Kelly as Don Lockwood getting too much love from his adoring public.

Terry Border,


  1. Clever photos! The second one reminds me of a movie whose name I can't remember! A young Bette Davis is in a small bedroom with furniture piled against the door, taunting James Cagney outside that he should just TRY to come in. He appears with a big Cagney grin at the window behind her where he CAN get in. Do you remember that movie? I enjoyed this, Java!

  2. The Bride Came C.O.D. (1941) One of my favorites!

    Here's the trailer.

    At about 1:42 they show a little bit of the scene you mention. "I'd like to see you take me!"

  3. That's the one! Thanks, I can rest my brain! LOL!

  4. Love Terry Border's bent objects and we've been following each other on Twitter for quite a while - I even posted his Marilyn (Marilyn Muffin?) on my Facebook page.

    So glad you blogged on his "movie stars in food art", Java...

  5. You have a way of finding some of the most interesting things to highlight on your blog. Thanks


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