Rosiland Russell leaves havoc in her wake/ Link

Read Jacqueline Lynch's detailed account (complete with newsreel screen shots) of Rosiland Russell's last visit to her prophetically named hometown, Waterbury, Connecticut just before it was deluged by swollen tributaries.

“Nineteen fifty-five was my year for attracting natural disasters,” quips Ms. Russell in her autobiography Life Is A Banquet.

It's one of those strange posts that I didn't know I wanted to read until after I had read it.


  1. I left a comment at "Another Old Movie Blog" to the effect that my girlfriend and I had gone to many a movie at the State Theater (Rosalind Russell's “The Girl Rush” premiered there in 1955).

    Alas, we dated 1967-1968, whereas the State was torn down in '62. Guess I was confusing the old theater we went to in Waterbury with the State Theater in Jacksonville, one of my main movie haunts in the 50s.


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