Apartment Shopping in the Movies

Have you ever gone apartment shopping in the movies? Just seeing what you like in the film and try to recreate it at home, or put it on your list of things to renovate later?

Katharine Hepburn's apartment in THE DESK SET has always appealed to me. It has just what you need - not too big, not too small. A one bedroom- one bathroom affair in a  New York townhouse. Everything has a place.

She has no formal dining room, but when an unexpected guest shows up, she just pulls a small table in front of two cozy chairs. It's so lovely.
I also enjoy her fireplace.

From MY FAIR LADY, we have Professor Higgins' Library. He spends all day in it, which seems absolutely delightful. I enjoy the curve of the spiral stairs. I love the coziness of the wood. But, truth be known, I would paint it all white. Barbarous, I know. But I would want it light and airy in my home study.

The play describes him has having a piano in the study with a platter of fruit and chocolate. One supposes it is for those long nights studying into the wee hours, working on some problem or other with no need to stop for meals. His is a delightful little existence. (Except his temper.)

The couch in DESIGNING WOMAN... Lauren Bacall's white modern couch, with straight lines and colorful pillows... I have been able to recreate it a little bit with a slip cover and throw pillows. But it is all about finding a couch with those streamlined lines.


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