Leonard Bernstein's 100th Birthday Celebration with a Google Doodle

August 25, 2018 marks 100 years since composer Leonard Bernstein's birth. Known for many projects, including his composition of award-winning scores, the composer/conductor/educator/polymath is celebrated by Google with 45 seconds of the score to West Side Story, specifically the part where we first meet one of the gangs in the story- it's the famous finger-snapping part.

During the Google Doodle you first see the head and hands of an animated Leonard Bernstein, holding a conductor's baton as the music begins, then the images change into various scenes of his life from childhood on.

A particularly unexpected twist is when the music staff is upended and suddenly looks like the Empire State Building.This seems to be a reference to Bernstein's affiliation with New York City (He was once the Director of the New York Philharmonic.), as well as being a nod to the opening credit sequence of the film version of West Side Story which is set in the same city.

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