Bob Dorian, Host of AMC Talks of Robert Osborne, Host of TCM - 2009 Interview [Link]

Many might recall Bob Dorian, the host of the television channel American Movie Classics back in the 1980s and 1990s. AMC predates Turner Classic Movies - the now more famous channel. However, the late-starting company surpassed the incumbent. Then AMC began to push away from its original format of classic movies with no commercials and started doing... who knows what. I stopped watching pretty much after Dorian left.

In 2009, a blogger on Go Fatherhood interviewed Dorian. One of the questions he asks is about Robert Osborne, host of TCM. Do you know TCM host Robert Osborne?

Like yourself, I admire what Robert Osborne does. I’ve never met him but I’m sure we’d have a lot in common. The major difference between us is that Osborne is a film historian. I’m hardly that. What I am is an actor and a fan. I love good films (and a lot of bad ones), and I know a lot of great stories.

You may read the full interview here: Interview with former AMC TV host Bob Dorian


  1. I used to watch AMC too when they showed classic film with no commercials. Bob Darian was an amiable and effective host, though not like Robert Osborne as he admits. They seemed to be lost for several years following their makeover., but never as bad as what Bravo has become.

    1. Christian Esquevin,
      "Lost" seems to be correct. They took risks that didn't seem to pan out. What a shame! It was such a good channel.

      Thanks for dropping by.
      -- Deborah/ Java

  2. Miss days of Bob Dorian.

  3. Yes, I used to watch dear Bob in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. Before him was Ben Hunter in Los Angeles, California in the 1970’s. Loved them! What a dream job to have, I surely miss those days.

  4. In comparing Bob Dorian and Robert Osborn, it's like Cary Grant vs an English stage star. The world idolized Cary Grant, at least in part because of his charm. That's Dorian.


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