Link Roundup

Here are links to classic movie-related places throughout the web which may be of interest to you.

  • In the never-ending snark of the age, there is a website called Let Me Google That For You. It's for "all those people who find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than google it for themselves." You type the question into, copy the link and paste it where the questioner can click the link. The search pops up for the person automatically. So the next time someone online asks you, "Who is this Vera-Ellen person?" and you don't feel like answering, send them a link from  Personally, I love answering questions, but this is hilarious.
  • The Sound of Music was in theaters this week for its 50th anniversary. Be sure to keep up with other classic movies at your local theater by bookmarking the following page at Cinemark:
  • The Classic Film Jerks are at it again. It's a monthly podcast where two friends watch a classic film they have never seen before and comment on it. This month it's The Philadelphia Story. Be aware that the hosts of this podcast may not like some of your favorites or mine. They approach this from the mindset of movie lovers whose favorite films begin in the 1970s, e.g. Star Wars and The Godfather. Going further back in time is an adventure for them. I listen to this to better understand people who have a much different perspective of the classics than I have. 
That's all for this week. What are some classic-movie related places you been this week, online or offline?


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