Orson Welles' Last Film - May 2015

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The centenary of Orson Welles (The Magnificent Andersons, Citizen Kane) is 2015. In honor of the Director/Actor/Anything Else He Wanted to Be, his last film -The Other Side of the Wind - might be released in May.

Welles spent 1970 to 1976, on and off, filming and funding Other Side. According to The New York Times, the film, produced this year by Royal Road Entertainment, was never released due to endless legal battles.

Other Side is said to be a mock-umentary,  parodying the fall of classic Hollywood and heralding the avant-garde film styles of the 1970s. Disdain for classic Hollywood was very popular at the time; it seems Welles might have latched on to a trend. At its center is John Huston playing a director; there are rumored to be roles for Peter Bagdonovich and Natalie Wood, among others, mostly playing a version of themselves. Now, nearly 40 years later, we have the chance to screen Welles' last public film brainchild.

Read more at The New York Times.


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