Tyrone Power Events Continue

On November 15, 1958, actor Tyrone Edmund Power (b. May 5, 1914) died on the set of Solomon and Sheba in Madrid. On this the year of the actor's centenary there have been several events. They continue in Los Angeles, CA.

November 14, 2014
  1. Opening of the Tyrone Power Exhibit – The Hollywood Museum 
  2. Showing of Alexander’s Ragtime Band at the  Barnsdall Gallery Theater
November 15th
  1. Memorial Service at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery at 11 AM
  2.   Showing of Captain From Castile at the Barnsdall Gallery Theater 

See Movie Memories for further details: http://moviememories.net/news/
Also, join the Facebook group Tyrone Power - The King of Twentieth Century Fox. The members helped to organize some of the events.


  1. That man is achingly pretty, isn't he? I liked him best in The Razor's Edge and Nightmare Alley, but his dashing roles are something I can't help but watching when they are on too. I wish I lived near California, but I'm in the good old Midwest. Well, I'll just have to make my own event and get out his movies from my collection!

    1. I plan to go to the memorial next year, now that I know it's an annual thing. And -yes!- he is achingly beautiful. He slightly resented it, because people wouldn't take his acting seriously sometimes. Nightmare Alley is still one I haven't seen. I'll seek it out now. Thanks. By the way, have you read his daughter's book: SEARCHING FOR MY FATHER, TYRONE POWER? I'm reading it now and it's brilliant. It's really Tyrone, not the movie star, but Tyrone the man.


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