When A Movie Interrupts Your Life

Today was chilly; time for layers.

As I gazed at part of the day's outfit - a red turtleneck and black thermals- I could hear an electric guitar wailing and a tall, dark-haired man in a grey suit crooning, "take a real deep breath and repeat after me -'I love-a my baby.'"

Suddenly, I was a lithe movie star on the set of a 1960s musical, shaking what my mamma gave me. I swung my fiery mane to the beat. That music had me groovin', man!

I slapped my thighs and growled at the camera, when my bare foot hit the cold floor. Yikes! Reality came back.

Well, it was a fun little fantasy. Next time I'll wear heels.


  1. Ha ha! Perfect! Ann-Margaret stole the scene in that ensemble + outfit.

    1. Most definitely! There must be a back story to that outfit. I wonder what it could be.


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