On Agnes Moorehead: A Blogger Writes a Fun Review of the Actress' Career

The blogger at Movie Star Makeover writes a fun and interesting review (with lovely, sharp photos) of Agnes Moorhead and her acting career in "Who Are You Today, Agnes?"

I had never researched Ms. Moorehead's background (she's on that "someday I'll read all about her" list). So I didn't know many things about the actress.

Here are a few bits of trivia:
  • Agnes Moorehead  was the daughter of a minister. Later in her radio career she would recite the books of the Bible in 14 seconds as a sort of parlor trick.
  • She originated the role of the unsympathetic invalid in "Sorry, Wrong Number" for radio.
  • The actress attended Columbia University to earn a  PhD in speech.
  • She could impersonate Eleanor Roosevelt and won plaudits from the then-First Lady herself.

Now that I've whetted your appetite, go read "Who Are You Today, Agnes?"


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