Do Classic Movies Influence Your Wardrobe?

On at least one occasion an old movie inspired an outfit that I actually wore. It's the navy blue traveling suit worn by Leslie Caron in Daddy Long Legs (1955). Costume credits for the film include those for Charles Le Maire, Thomas Keogh, Kay Nelson and Sam Benson.

This is Julie Andre's (Caron) first day at college. The story has already established that what few clothes Julie has are mostly blue gingham made from bolts of donated cloth.  Naturally, there's a bit of gingham peeking out of the collar and sleeves when wearing a suit.

The outfit is supposed to make her look traditional and rural, especially next to her suburban roommates who wear hot pants. She will instantly get a makeover once her benefactor sends new clothes and we never again see her in anything pedestrian.

But this well-made traveling suit is just as beautiful as any of the more fashionable dresses she slides into later.

We've established  before that yours truly is not fashion conscious and that Java is a slob. Yet, I was set to attend a meeting and was tired of the usual solid collar with my navy blue suit, so, inspired by Daddy Long Legs, I put together this:

Or something close. I can't find pictures for my exact items online anymore. That's what I get for rarely shopping. 

It's a simple navy blue suit, navy kitten heels, blue gingham blouse and -instead of Julie's brown suitcase- a burnt orange bag for a pop of color.

I felt comfortable with my gingham in the conference room. Although  I was fatigued at the end of the meeting, remembering the film and my outfit's connection to it made me smile and gave me that extra boost of energy after a long day.

Which movie outfits have inspired you?


  1. I don't know when you posted this, but here we go. My go to outfit is from Roman Holiday. When the Princess, Audrey, runs around Rome in that full skirt with pockets and the linen shirt with the rolled up sleeves and flats. Perfect. She looks fresh and oh so cool in every way.

    I also adore every single thing Grace Kelly wears in Rear Window especially the tulle dress, but they are a little harder to reproduce.

    I also hold a fondness for 50/60s Gidget dresses.

  2. Anthrosterical, I adore Audrey Hepburn's off-day outfit. It's so versatile; it takes her through the entire day, even to dancing at night!

    My favorite of Grace Kelly's Rear Window outfits is the last one - shirt, jeans and loafers, because it's one could easily reproduce. Her outfits always look fresh-off-the-runway glamorous and regal.

    You're so right about late '50s/'60s dresses. They seem to complement almost every figure.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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