Singin in the Rain (1952) in Theaters July 2012

Update: TCM will show an encore presentation of Singin' in the Rain  on August 22, 2012. Visit

Singin' in the Rain (1952) comes to theaters Thursday July 12, 2012.

Turner Classic Movies once again teams with Cinemark to bring  to the big screen the classic Betty Comden-Adolph Green musical about a 1920s silent screen star who must learn to reinvent himself when sound is introduced in films.

Gene Kelly plays our protagonist in this the 60th anniversary of the award-winning film. Debbie Reynolds and Jean Hagen battle for the handsome Lothario and Donald O'Connor is on hand to make 'em laugh.

Go to for tickets and details.


  1. If it's playing in my area, I am certainly going to see it. Great movie!

  2. Great, Ginny! I see from the posts on your blog, that you enjoyed it very much! So did I.

    TCM and Fanthom theaters are reshowing the film on August 22nd at 7pm (local time).

    Thanks for dropping in.

    -- Java


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