"You can't hold comedy back, because it needs to be exposed."

GQ Magazine published an interview with Jerry Lewis this past August. Interviewer Amy Wallace commits to the usual recap of the comedian's life, a description of his current state of health and a snapshot of how he lives. Although Ms.Wallace relies a tad too much on endorsements from current film directors and comedians, hers is an interesting read. The journalist helpfully labels each section so that I could skip over the paragraphs marked "Libido." (I've read enough about Lewis' sex life from the autobio Dean and Me to last a lifetime.)

Lewis takes note of specific comedians popular today and predicts each one's longevity in the business and gives reasons for his assessment. Out of the ones mentioned, our star seems to think that most of them are more than flavors of the month. That was a lovely surprise. Note, however, that Will Ferrell does not make it out of this interview with his career intact.

Current projects intrigue  me. Jerry Lewis plays the title character in a new movie - Max Rose - that is slated to be released in 2012. He's in talks with John Travolta who wants to remake The Family Jewels (1965). And, perhaps most exciting, Lewis is preparing and directing a Broadway musical version of The Nutty Professor (1963)! If this last project gets off the ground, you'll find me front row, center.

Head on over to the GQ interview by clicking here.

[Be forewarned that the title of the article and the summary are a bit disrespectful to the film star, which is completely incongruous with Ms. Wallace's article.]


  1. Jerry Lewis is and has always been a very talented and versatile guy. He's a bit over the top, but so what?!? His broad style seemed to make him an easy target for those (writers, etc.) who, hell-bent on appearing "hip" themselves, gave him the 'whipping boy' treatment. I'll be checking out the GQ article with great interest.

  2. It is fascinating to delve into the minds of classic movie makers. I'm glad that Jerry Lewis is still around to give interviews, and that he's given thought not only to the past, but present and future comedy. He's a thoroughly-involved entertainer.

    The interview gives me even more reasons to like Lewis. Have fun, Lady Eve.

    -- JAVA


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