Doris Day-Rock Hudson Inspired Music Video

Nestled among the end credits of Down With Love (2002) - that spoof of Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies - is a TV segment where Renee Zellweger's and Ewan McGregor's characters sing about love and dance around. It's almost right out of The Ed Sullivan Show.

Here is "Here's To Love" :


  1. love this song!! actually, I love this movie. One of my favorite contemporary films!!

  2. Java,
    I watched Down With Love hot off of falling in love with Ewen and his beautiful voice in Moulin Rouge. As a matter of fact I've worn that CD soundtrack out at least 3 times.
    A great video.

  3. Sally,
    It's definitely one of my favorite modern movies as well!

    The costumes are the best. Renee's character wears a black lace floor-length gown that I would love to have! She's seen in it for about a minute during a montage. It reminds me of Jean Arthur's nightgown in THE MORE THE MERRIER.

    McGregor is one of the most gorgeous guys ever! I didn't know I could crush so hard on a more recent actor.

    I haven't seen Moulin Rouge since I have rarely watched musicals made after the 1960s. [They tend to be a lot less subtle in their romance.] His singing voice isn't unbearable, so I could make it through full musical with him.

    Down with Love was the first movie I'd seen with him in it. He and Renee paired again in The Amazing Miss Potter. But that film is totally hers; he's rarely in it.

    Thank you both for coming by.


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