Finally! A Chance to Lick Kirk Douglas!

[Not in that way.]

Today the United States Postal Service announced that it is looking for living persons to honor. Classic movies stars have long graced our nation's envelopes.  However, until today, film icons should have been dead for five years before being honored with a stamp.

The USPS  is seeking suggestions via facebook and twitter. Let's suggest Douglas as Michael "Midge" Kelly. Or Deanna Durbin. Or Jane Powell. The list is endless!

What classic film star, living or dead, would you like to see on a stamp? 

You can read the list of movie stars they've already honored here: Katharine Hepburn Graces A Stamp. 


  1. Your title made me really laugh after I read what your post was about! Good touch! Douglas is a great choice for living great actors. I would pick Errol Flynn as Robin Hood for a stamp, if it hasn't been already -- forgot to look before I started this comment. As for another living actor, the great Robert Duvall definitely deserves a corner of the envelope. Fun idea for a post, Java!

  2. I checked the list. Errol Flynn has not yet graced a stamp! I can't believe it. Robert Duvall would make an excellent addition - he's been in the industry for a long time. Definitely a living legend.

    I just discovered that the Gregory Peck (as Atticus Finch) stamp was released this year. They seem to be going for not only the most recognizable face, but also the most recognizable character. For instance, the Bette Davis stamp shows her in a scene from All About Eve.

    If the USPS goes out of business, I'd better get these stamps before they are gone.

  3. You sure do know how to write a hell of headline!

    And I'd like to nominate Gene Kelly for the next stamp. If Kirk was big enough to get one, Gene certainly does!

  4. Mr. Turnbull,

    You're right! Gene Kelly's absence from the list is conspicuous. As well as that of Astaire and Judy Garland.

    Marilyn Monroe (1995)
    James Dean(1996)
    Humphrey Bogart (1997)
    Alfred Hitchcock (1998)
    James Cagney(1999)
    Edward G Robinson (2000)
    Lucille Ball (2001)
    Cary Grant (2002)
    Audrey Hepburn (2003)
    John Wayne (2004)
    Henry Fonda (2005)
    Judy Garland(2006)
    James Stewart (2007)
    Bette Davis (2008)
    Gary Cooper (2009)
    Katharine Hepburn (2010)
    Gregory Peck (2011)

  5. A Carole Lombard stamp, for a timeless star who loved her country.

  6. Carole Lombard would make an excellent addition!


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