To Our Very Best Pal JOHN WAYNE (Or Occupant) displays "correspondence deserving of a wider audience." They have uploaded (and transcribed) the following letter to John Wayne.  Wayne was one of many guests on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. After the final show in August 1973, the hosts of the series- Dan Rowan and Dick Martin- sent the following missive to the Duke.


  1. That note is so "Laugh-In"! Thanks for the link, will check out other 'letters of note'...

  2. Java, this just made me remember how brilliantly funny Rowan and Martin were! John Wayne must have howled at this letter! Love that one of the movies they said they liked was Boys in the Band ... can you think of an less likely candidate to be in Boys in the Band?

    Thanks so much for a wonderful laugh!

  3. I haven't watched much of Rowan & Martin, but I know they are legends. Finding that link encouraged me to look up more of their performances. They are hilarious. Thanks everyone!


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