Carol Burnett Lampoons Wyler's Heiress (1949)

I should have known that "The Carol Burnett Show" made a spoof of William Wyler's drama The Heiress (1949). If it's a classic film then TCBS has made fun of it.

It's called "The Lady Heir." Here it is on Youtube.

Part 1

Part 2


  1. Thank you! Some of my earliest memories of classic movies are the spoofs from "The Carol Burnett Show." I especially loved "Mildred Fierce."

  2. Love Carol Burnett. When I was a kid, she made being an old movie buff cool.

  3. Classicfilmboy, I think I've seen the Mildred Fierce one. If I recall, it was in black and white. Carol Burnett wore an outrageous pompadour, black and white power suit with zig-zag pattern and the shoulder pads of a linebacker. The costuming by itself was hilarious!

    Jacqueline, I had no idea that the Carol Burnett Show did parodies of old films until someone mentioned the famous Gone With The Wind parody. I've been a fan ever since.

    -- Java


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