Dietrich Biography Winner [Contest is Closed]

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Marlene Dietrich biography giveaway. The winner, Diana B., has been notified and the book has been shipped.

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  1. Hi Java, I thought this would be a good time/place to add something about the Dietrich bio. I read and reviewed it in April and noticed that Leatrice Gilbert Fountain, John Gilbert's daughter, was one of Chandler's sources - and was quoted at length about her relationship with the actress after John Gilbert died. I contacted Leatrice and to tell her about it. I recently heard back from her that she'd had a chance to read Chandler's bio and thought it not only did justice to Dietrich but also that accurately represented what she had said. I asked her if she knew where Charlotte Chandler had come from - if you read her bios you realize that she seemed to know everyone, but there's little background on her. Leatrice told me she didn't know Chandler's background at all but that there was a time when she used to run into the woman everywhere - related to the film scene and screenings - in New York.

  2. Wow! Thanks. I'll add a link to your post.


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