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Clara, author of classic movies blog Via Margutta 51, has awarded Java's Journey - along with several other blogs- with the Stylish Blog Award. Thanks, Clara and congratulations to my fellow awardees.

About the Stylish Blog Award
This award, as far as research takes me, seems to have been first given out around December of 2010. It is passed along by bloggers to other bloggers who exhibit a distinctive manner of expression and great enthusiasm for their topic. Subjects may vary. Time and the labyrinthine nature of internet memes have obscured the original stylish blogger's name, but not the snazzy button which accompanies the award. To wit:

Stylish Blog Award Instructions

a) Post a link to the person who gave you the award.

         b) Choose seven stylish bloggers and give them this award.

         c) Reveal seven facts about yourself:

Seven Stylish Bloggers
I enjoy my entire blog reading list, but I can choose only seven. Here they are in alphabetical order:

    • Carole & Co. by vp19 - Learned lots I didn't know of Clark Gable's wife from this blog about Carole Lombard. 
    • Classic Movie Blog by KC- The author's dedication to linking the classic movie blog world is wonderful. KC's descriptions are concise for those on-the-go movie link needs I have from time to time.You'll also find  movie news there. 
    • Clint Eastwood Project, The by the Floryes -  Can't stand Clint Eastwood's movies, but I do enjoy this blog written by a father and son who decided to watch all of the actor's films in order and blog about what's good (or not) about them. Produced a fair number of chuckles reading this blog. You can just hear the two of them talking to the screen. [Beware: foul language.]
    • Everyone Goes to Mick's by Mick - A Texas set designer who loves classic films and other old things. He's even named his summer house "Casablanca." I am inspired by his zest for life. 
    • Laura's Miscellaneous Musings by Laura - Connecting the classic movie blogging world with regular and thoroughly detailed link posts, the author also reviews films and puts you in the know for classic movie showings in California. [She's also a very friendly person.]
    • Olivia & Joan by Tom - The de Havilland/Fontaine mystique lives on in a blog dedicated to the two movie star sisters who have notoriously feuded for almost a century.
    • Stalking the Belle Epoque by Joseph - Daily blog posts on "all things gracious, grand and glorious." In addition to the blog's forays into classic movies, I am especially fond of the interesting tidbits on antique toys. Also, the photos of  the Treat of the Week make my mouth water.

     Seven Facts
    1. Just bought David Niven's autobio The Moon's A Balloon and cannot wait to dive into that mosh pit of wit and and inside scoops. Can't stand the cover art, though - that '70s flower child font makes me queasy.
    2. Prefer movie commentary that is either from the director, producer, writer or other behind the scenes person who has enough detail to talk about the film scene-by-scene. Barring them, an historian will do [but with a grain of salt].
    3. Christian McKay's explanation for why Orson Welles was not a failure at the end of his career encouraged me to rethink my assessment of the movie genius whom many believed peaked in his first film, Citizen Kane. By the way, McKay does an awesome job as the Mercury Theater director in Me and Orson Welles (2010). Wish there was more of him.
    4. More Orson - Enjoyed Welles' description of a laugh track in this episode of the Dinah Shore Show. The host cringes. I love it.
    5. Learned basic tap dance by watching the film greats do it in musicals.
    6. Can do a passable Paul Lynde impression that sends my sister howling. He and Tony Randall steal the show in Send Me No Flowers(1964). 
    7. On Spring Break once, sis and I ran down the aisles of the Rose Bowl as Gene Kelly's and Frank Sinatra's stuntmen do in Anchors Aweigh (1945). The tour guide just shrugged.


    1. The one time I attempted to learn a tap routine via film was a complete failure. Granted I picked Moses Supposes from Singin' in the Rain but still determined to get it right someday. It's more fun to say you've taken a tap class with the one the only Gene Kelly.

      I love when films can inspire outbursts of dance. That tour guide didn't know what they were missing.

    2. I never mastered "Moses Supposes." Learned it in sections, but my routine wasn't great.

      Can do mean "Sluefoot," though, from Daddy Long Legs. :)

      - Java

    3. A belated thanks for the Stylish Blogger Award!


    Thanks for your contribution to Java's Journey.


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