Art Imitates LIFE?

The author of a 1940 Life Magazine article declares that movies should not be "pure entertainment," that they should be "sociological dramas," otherwise they are "trivial and unadult." To bolster the point (or probably to show off more of Life's famous photography), the February 19th article, titled "Speaking of Pictures,"  displays stills from the movie The Grapes of Wrath  alongside Horace Bristol's photographs of migrant Oklahoma sharecroppers.

Life Magazine
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The brief article disappoints in not giving an indepth argument as to why sociological dramas are preferable to fantastic movies. Still, it's a treat to see how well the costume and set designers researched thier subject for the film.

Read the Life Magazine article here. 


  1. Oh wow. They really did a great job!

  2. They certainly did, Meredith. Life magazine notes that the actors are a little bit more tidy and clean than their counterparts, but the overall effect is realistic.


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