Dancing Chic to Chic

Dancing Chic to Chic is a fun little article on Fred Astaire's clothing. Although many attach the idea of  Astaire's classic sense of style to the star, Robert Sacheli emphasizes the dancer's modernity.

Mixing the polish of Savile Row with the effervescence of Hollywood, Astaire forged throughout his career a gallery of personal style that remained inimitably his own and perpetually modern.

[Let] the decades between us and Astaire’s movie theatre audiences dissolve. Imagine seeing him for the first time. Take in the wonderful surprise of his dancing and his look, both unlike anything seen before on the screen. To those moviegoers Astaire was boldly contemporary, with a masculine fashion finesse entirely different from other stars. And, to echo one of the Jerome Kern classics Astaire introduced, that’s just the way he looks tonight.

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