That Certain Age (1938) - Deanna Durbin's First Film Crush

I've just written a review of That Certain Age (1938) at the Amazing Deanna Durbin blog.

Teen Deanna Durbin becomes infatuated with her parents' house guest (Melvyn Douglas) much to the chagrin of her neighborhood pal (Jackie Cooper).

As teen-girl-crushes-on-older-guy movies go, this is my favorite. Why? Because they give the scorned teen-aged boy as much face time as the girl. We get to know the guy in the corner, which is not common enough in this kind of film.

Melvyn Douglas' amused smirk is well-used as he, a stranger in town, takes in the eccentricities of exurbanites.

The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song, "My Own."


  1. Hi, thank you for leaving a comment at my film blog! esp. because you've mentioned Basil Rathbone in it! ;")

  2. Frl. Irene Palfy,

    Welcome to Java's Journey.
    I enjoyed your Court Jester post; Rathbone and Danny Kaye are two of the most enjoyable performers ever.

    Come again. :)


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