5 Reasons to Miss Brick-and-Mortar Movie Rental Stores

Gertrude enjoys in-store retail therapy at Cartier's
You might have heard that movie rental giant Blockbuster Video has filed for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy significantly reduces the number of brick-and-mortar stores which will rent and sell movies.

"Meh. Who cares?," you say. Yes, it is more convenient to buy and rent online, but I will miss the tangible items on a shelf.

It’s just as exhilarating for me to go to a store for a movie as it is for Schatze or Gerty to glide into Tiffany’s  or Cartier’s, point to rare jewels and say, “I‘ll take that, and that, and that. And charge it.” It's an event!

Oh well.

We will all go with the flow. But there are still reasons that you will regret the absence of physical stores.

5 Reasons to Miss Brick-and-Mortar Movie Rental Stores

5. You'll miss Xavier, that movie-savvy hunk behind the counter who waits on your every filmdom need and tells you, yes, that Steve McQueen movie IS finally available on Blu-Ray. (Oh! Tell me more!)

4. You’ll miss those annoying commercials for new releases on TVs suspended above your head that are too loud and are played on a loop. ( Wait. I won‘t miss that at all.)

3. You’ll miss the classic movies that no one else wants to rent, so they end up being sold in the bargain bin waiting just for you to buy. (Mine! All mine!)

2. You’ll miss the overpriced popcorn and  melted candy that awaits you at the checkout counter. (Nope. I won‘t miss that either.)

1. You’ll miss knowing the color of grass and sky, since going to the store actually gets you out of the house.

What will you miss about brick-and-mortar movie rental stores?


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