Links & Updates - Audrey Hepburn's approval ratings; The Heiress; Nostalgia Critic;Hat Dance; Wiseguy

  1. John McElwee at Greenbriar Picture Shows blog tackles the maelstrom surrounding Emma Thompson's unpleasant assessment of classic movie icon Audrey Hepburn.  In "Fairy Dust Blown Off" McElwee wonders if Hepburn's charm is wearing thin these days. Not by a long shot. 
  2. I'm prepping for a blog post about The Heiress (1949). Found a great book of essays entitled Henry James At The Movies, edited by Susan Griffin (click the title to read it). So far I've read an essay about how  Catherine's silence in the film speaks volumes. Interesting stuff.
  3. Was recently reminded of a video review by The Nostalgia Critic comparing Jerry Lewis' Nutty Professor (1963) with the newer one. The main character's alter ego, Buddy Love, never seemed suave or likable to me. Perhaps that's to gin up more empathy for the Prof.
  4. Do read The Lady Eve's interview with John Gilbert's daughter - Leatrice Gilbert Fountain - about reclaiming her father's legacy. It hit me in the gut. That longing to discover your past resonates with me.
  5. Keith at Coolness is Timeless, mentions that GQ has listed the top 50 stylish men. Those who have made the list include David Niven, Clint Eastwood, Sidney Poitier and Montgomery Clift.
  1. Java's Blather - my catchall blog. This is where I'm going to start putting my post-1960s stuff. I've recently reviewed the first season of crime drama Wiseguy (1987) starring Ken Wahl.
  2. Spotlight World Trivia Blog - Spotlight North America : La Raspa vs Mexican Hat Dance. These two folk dances are often confused. I explore the differences and mention where you might have seen them in classic film and TV.


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