The Art of Manliness - Frank Sinatra

Mention Frank Sinatra and what comes to mind? His boy-ish, public persona in the 1940s? His quest for mature roles in the 1950s? Sinatra the 1960s sophisticate?

At The Art of Manliness (a website that celebrates guys in an online barbershop sort of way), author Brett McKay occasionally highlights Rat Pack Sinatra (the cool as steel, urban man's man), giving advice on how to emulate his style.

 "Cock your hat - angles are attitudes." - Sinatra

One article, "Bringing Back The Hat", showcases different types of hats and how to wear them. Near the end is a section on the various ways that Sinatra would wear his fedora.

There's another entry on Sinatra Slang.

It's interesting to discover what the modern public thinks about classic films stars.


  1. Hi! Thanks for passing by my blog! I´ve loved your comment and your blog, too. Great post about Frank Sinatra. He was amazing. Right now, I´m listening to Strangers in the Night! What movie is the big picture from? Come back soon!

  2. I was watching one of the Tony Rome movies the other night. Rome rides up one floor in an elevator operated by an attendant. As he steps out, he says "Nice ride" to the attendant, and I've found myself doing that a time or two myself lately.

  3. "In The Wee Small Hours" remains the finest pop album ever made. Period.

  4. @ Le
    The picture is not from a movie; it's a candid shot. Where, when and with whom? I don't know. I copied it from THE ART OF MANLINESS website. I imagine it's a candid during a recording session in the early 1950s, judging by his dress and apparent age. :)

    @ joem18b
    I love that story! haven't watched a TONY ROME film all the way through, yet, but I love Sinatra's style in it.

    When you say "nice ride" to whom do you say it? There are few elevator attendants these days. Do you just say it to yourself?

    I repeat lines under my breath in public a lot, and I'm trying to cut down the habit since I do get stares. Of course that might be because I'm dancing along with the words. :)

    @ VP81955
    Thanks for the recommendation; I haven't heard it yet. I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

  5. No elevator attendants these days, but I ride up three floors to work daily, so sometimes when several of us step out on the 4th floor, I'll say, or mutter, "Nice ride," the tone of my voice determined by my current mood.

  6. I love that website. It's one of my favorites. I also love Sinatra. He's one of the coolest cats that ever walked the planet.

  7. I like the latter "I mean business" Sinatra best in classics like THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE and VON RYAN'S EXPRESS.


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