Melvyn Douglas

I've only just decided to obsess over Melvyn Douglas. I took notice of him a few years ago in That Certain Age (1938) when on my Deanna Durbin movie collection fit.

It seems that he's often not the central character, often just reacts to the craziness that goes on around him. I can't believe how easy it was for me to overlook this suave man of the world, but apparently those various awards committees didn't overlook him.

Douglas is one of few people who has received an Oscar, a Tony and an Emmy. I notice, though, that he achieved that status in his later career, suggesting that awards committees may have finally taken notice of him not only because of his superb performances, but because of his advancing years.

Douglas is so relaxed onscreen that he makes his work in comedies look effortless. It's almost as if he is an audience member who somehow got sucked into the screen and is observing the proceedings and commenting with wry wit until it's all over. He's fun to watch.

I remember viewing Ninotchka (1939) a while ago, and the first thing that I think of now when that movie is mentioned is Douglas cooing at Greta Garbo's title character, saying her name over and over again, which causes his lips to purse and that little brush of a mustache to fly up.

Director Ernst Lubitsch, Melvyn Douglas, Greta Garbo and that cushy kissing couch

But I haven't seen all of his 100+ screen appearances, so I could be completely wrong and may have just stumbled upon a few of his lighter movies.

I need recommendations. What are your favorite Melvyn Douglas films?


  1. Really loved the performance of Douglas with Deanna Durbin in THAT CERTAIN AGE.

  2. So did I, texasoperastar!
    THAT CERTAIN AGE is the first time I really noticed Douglas.


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