Newspapers: 1960s

January 3, 1960 - Catching Up with Ava Gardner at 37

January 4, 1960 - Russ Tamblyn Returns After Being in Army

1960 August 11 - Hayley's Pollyanna is a Gem

June 30, 1961 - Marilyn Monroe After Gall Bladder Surgery

December 29, 1961 - Ginger Rogers About the Twist

1962 March 24 -  Glynis Johns, James Coburn in Pilot of AFRICAN QUEEN 

December 9, 1962-  Natalie Wood- How Tricks of the Trade Make Her Tall for the Movie GYPSY

January 20, 1963 - Rita Moreno Says Oscar Hasn't Aided Film Career
March 23, 1963 - Ginger Rogers to Produce Movies in Jamaica


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