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What is this blog about, anyway?

Java Bean Rush is the name. This blog records Java's journey through classic movies. She reviews movies and biographies, explores film fashion, shares movie blogging news and personal accounts of what classic films have taught her.

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Join in.

Who reads this blog?
  • Anyone who wants to learn about pre-1970s films. [I'm a classic movies amateur, so we'll learn together.]

  • Anyone who wants to share something about pre-1970s films. [Just leave a note (or an essay, if you'd like) in the comments section. We'll talk.]

Where should I start on Java's Journey?

Here are a few popular blog posts:

Does Java have other blogs?

She sure has. Here they are:
  • The Amazing Deanna Durbin Blog - Java is a contributor to Tom's blog about Universal Studios' top star of the '30s and '40s.
  • Java's Vlog - A video blog that  mostly experiments with video editing and discusses vlogging culture.  Infrequently discusses classic movies. 

    What are ways to read Java's Journey ?

    Has Java written any books?
    Yes she has.

    What's There is Cherce: Java Bean Rush's Incomplete Guide to Online Classic Movie Databases. You may go to its page and download it for free by clicking these words.

    What makes a film "classic"?

    Java's Journey has no set definition for "classic." It merely has the general criteria that the film discussed can be any movie that was released at some point before the '70s. We occasionally give honorary classic film status to a newer film.

    Java freely interchanges the words "film" and "movie?" Doesn't the former indicate a movie of merit and the latter just a movie?

    In the grand scheme of life, they are all "just movies."

    Why the name Java Bean Rush?

     It's an old internet joke that has nothing to do with enjoying coffee.

    How do I contact Java?




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