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It is a transcription of my review of Sullivan's Travel's from (you guessed it) that forum.


SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS(1942) starring Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake.

Story: A Hollywood director wants to find out what suffering is in order to really get into his upcoming tragic film. He decides to live the life of destitution for awhile.

After many false starts he finally makes it to a kind of poverty and squalor that he did not plan and out of which he cannot extract himself. . . or so it seems.


I've seen it before. As a kid, the laughing faces of the prisoners scared me to death. They were like things in those horrible 3-D films where something ugly jumps out at you.

As a kid, I liked the idea of starting out on an adventure in disguise and I thought the title was clever.

I still like the film. But it changes tone so much I get restless. I want it to be a straight comedy and eschew the darker tones b/c I have so much fun in the lighter parts, but I know that wouldn't work with the plot. oh well. . .

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