Movie Blogathons for December

Here are a few movie-themed blogathons for this month that are still open for entries. Enjoy!

Entry Deadline: N/A
Dates November 1, 2012 -(No End Date)
Hosts: Andy Watches Movies and Cinema Schminema

NostalgiaTHON is a perpetual blogathon that encourages you to revisit a film that you watched in childhood and report your experience.

Scenes of the Crime: Crime Film Blogathon
Entry Deadline: Now
Dates:December 1, 2012 - April 30, 2013
Host(s): Furious Cinema, Criminal Movies and Seetimaar

Any film featuring crime as a main plot point - heists, police procedures, etc. - can be reviewed.

Dueling Divas Blogathon
Entry Deadline: Now
Dates:December 20-23, 2012
Host(s): Backlots

The dueling divas are at each others' throats again in this second annual blogathon reviewing movie rivalries onscreen and offscreen. You may also discuss actors in dual roles. Prizes will be offered.


  1. Great! Maybe I'll take a look in the Nostalgiathon.
    You should do this every month, it'd be very helpful.

  2. I think I will because I can never find classic movie blogathon information all in one place.

    I'll update this post if I find more for December.

  3. Yes, thanks for posting this info. I wasn't aware of the Scenes of the Crime Blogathon - it looks great!


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