17 Flowers with Celebrity Names

Laura had this to say in the comments of Insects with Celebrity Names:

Love this!

Makes me wonder about a related topic: how many roses are named for classic movie stars? My dad has Ingrid Bergman roses in his garden.

Best wishes,
Piggy backing on that idea, we present Flowers with Celebrity Names. Next to the common name we have the year in which the plant was named, the name of the breeder and his/her country.

Julie Andrews (1992 --- Fryer, UK)
  Lucille Ball,  (or JACapri) (1991 -- Christensen, USA)

Ingrid Bergman (1984 – Olesen, Denmark)
 George Burns (1996 - Carruth, USA)

Charlie Chaplin (1989 -- Tschanz, Switzerland)

Agatha Christie (1988 — Kordes, Germany)

 Bing Crosby (1981 — Weeks, USA)- Spice fragrance

Judy Garland (1978 – Harkness, USA)

Cary Grant (1987 – Meilland, France)

Bob Hope (1960 - Korder, Germany)

Audrey Hepburn (1991 – Twomey, USA)

James Mason (1982 -- Beales, UK)

Marilyn Monroe (2002 -- Carruth, USA)

Ginger Rogers

Elizabeth Taylor (1985 -- Weddle, USA)

Carmen Miranda, (Before 2000 --- Brazil)

Barbra Streisand (2001 – Carruth, USA) - citrus scent

Flowers Named for Movie-Related Fictional Characters
Frankly Scarlet (2007 -- Zary, USA)

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2 jots of java juice:

  1. I thought for SURE Ingrid Bergman roses would be white! From the sound of it, one could ahve quite the 'garden of stars'! Hmmm Since my house is named Casablanca, I.B.'s might have to be a MUST next spring, along with a few Lucille Balls and Judy Garlands onthe patio!

  2. Excellent idea! Be sure to post pictures on your blog when they bloom.

    I'm partial to the James Mason rose - bold and solid.

    - Java


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